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Locating the best WordPress theme for your website or blog is not an easy as installing the theme itself.

There are thousands of WordPress themes online, free and none free, each with different looks, functionality, and options.

Some of the free themes, are actually really good for start up. But they will lack some options. Customization of the theme will not be that easy, and might drive you crazy trying to get something to work the way you want it to.

The premium themes on the other hand, can go up to hundreds of dollars, and some licensing. as in you can use the theme a limited amount of time.

Now, if you have more than one website, you are going to need more than one theme. Otherwise the sites will look the same, Google doesn’t like that and will penalize your site. Not good for SEO.

Using a popular free WordPress, Might sound good at the beginning, but think about it they are popular because thousands of other sites are using it. do you really want your website to look and feel like thousands of other sites? or you want it to stand unique and above all other sites?

For less than the price of a descent WordPress theme, you can get a software that can create as many themes as your hart desire.

Let me introduce to you. Artisteer.

Without a doubt 

The Best WordPress Theme Creator.

Why you may ask? Well, to start, You will have and unlimited amount of themes at your finger tips, The themes that you will create, are yours, you can do whatever you want to do with them.
  • Use them for your website
  • Share them with family and friends
  • Sell them online

Do I have to start creating the theme from scratch?

You definitely can.

But to make your life easy, Artisteer comes with hundreds of high quality ready to use and customize themes. and with a click of a mouse and I literally mean a click of a mouse, Artisteer can suggest a look for you.

Every aspect of the theme can be customized, or you can ask Artisteer to suggest a look or a design for that particular part of the theme.

You don’t like the way the header looks? just click on suggest a header and Artisteer will suggest a new header for you. That easy.

Do i need to know HTML or CSS to create a theme.

Simple answer, No.

If you can use the mouse, you can literally build a complete website with content, images, links, sliders, flash, menus and a blog right inside Artisteer. When you are done, Just click export and choose WordPress theme. That’s about it.

Is Artisteer Really

The Best WordPress Theme Creator

Well, To be honest No. It’s much, much more than that. calling it the best WordPress theme creator, will not be fair. Here are some of Artisteer features.
  • Design awesome blogs and cool web templates in minutes
  • Export to Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and other CMS products
  • No need to learn Photoshop, CSS or HTML
  • Really easy and fun to use
  • No technical skills needed, hire your kids to create great looking web design for you
  • Hundreds of ready to use templates
Screenshots you say?

Best wordpress theme creator

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Creator

Artisteer export to WordPress theme


artisteer wordpress theme creator

WordPress theme generator

Artisteer WordPress Theme Creator

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Creator

One time investment that does not stop giving

artisteer themes

wordpress theme creator

Truly A Must Have Software

Artisteer - WordPress Theme Creator


Do yourself a big favor.

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Artisteer - Wordpress Theme Generator